Encourage student creativity, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination by adding free-build engineering products to your classroom or STEM program. Allowing students to get hands-on with building also helps promote STEM careers, like engineering. Here are a few of our favorite building and engineering products your students (and your budget) will love: 

free-build engineering strawbeesStrawbees Maker Kits | $20.95*

Encourage creativity and hands-on building challenges with Strawbees Maker Kits. This open-ended building kit has students discovering solutions to problems, implementing items around the classroom, and just plain having fun. These kits come with instruction booklets that promote giving students issues to attempt to solve using Strawbees. You can also read how to add Strawbees to your makerspace here.

Strawbees Extras:  

free-build engineering brick labBrickLAB Brick Packs | $69.95*

Available in classic or vibrant colors, the BrickLAB Brick Packs are the most popular version of hands-on free building. Allow your students creativity to soar as they build 2 and 3-dimensional creations with interlocking blocksTake this activity a step further by incorporating geometry or structural engineering! 

BrickLAB Extras:  

free-build engineering keva planksKeva Maple Planks | $115.00*

Encourage even more creative thinking via free building with Keva Maple Planks. Often a staple among teachers, these heavy-duty, sliver-free planks stack perfectly every time. The sans-interlocking design allows for lessons in balance, proportion, structural integrity, etc. To go above and beyond, encourage students to first put their design on paper and then discover if that design is possible! The Keva Planks come in sets of 200, 400, or 1,000.  

Keva Extras:

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