Check out our top 3 favorite printable STEM games!

1. Five Field Kono Printable Board Game

Five Field Kono is a Korean strategy game similar to Chinese Checkers. First, print out this board and place pieces according to the instruction on page two of this PDF. To play, only move pieces diagonally. You can move pieces backwards or forwards, but you cannot jump over any pieces. The winner is the first person to move all their pieces to the opposite on the board. This game incorporates logic, sequencing, strategy, and geometry making it the perfect STEM game for home or in the classroom. If you’re looking for a more active version, try our MathemActive Five Field Kono game!

2. Printable Tanagrams

Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle consisting of seven geometric shapes that can fit together¬† into a square. They can also be used together to make other shapes like animals, trees, or vehicles. Print out this template, cut out the shapes, and create your own masterpiece using all seven shapes! This is a great math lesson for at home or in the classroom. If you students or children end up really enjoying Tangrams, check out this giant version made from polyvinyl. Ifyou’re looking to introduce your students to geometry, try our GiantTanagrams Puzzle!

Pi Puzzle

Similar to tangrams, the Pi Puzzle uses the individual shapes in this puzzle to create the symbol for pi. A great activity to celebrate Pi Day!

3. Household STEM Scavenger Hunt

There were many scavenger hunts posted online over the past couple months. Scavenger hunts increase information retention and problem-solving skills. With the Household STEM Scavenger Hunt, not only are you students searching for items in their own homes but they are learning about electricity, magnetism, and buoyancy. This also gives them a great chance to ask questions and receive tangible answers!

If you have any additional puzzles, scavenger hunts, experiments, etc. to add, upload them to our community on STEM Universe!


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