With the upcoming Thanksgiving break, teachers and parents alike may be looking for thematic activities that are fun and engaging. Check out these 4 STEM activities that are sure to make memorable experiences this Thanksgiving!  

How to Make Butter 

Did you know oftentimes cooking involves science? Food science is a growing professional career with jobs like, FDA/USDA Research Scientist, Flavor Chemist, Food Biochemist, Food Quality Assurance, and more. 

To do The How to Make Butter experiment, all you need is heavy whipping cream. This experiment dives into the experience of fat molecules as they are shaken and, in the end, turned into another substance. You can make butter in school for a pre-Thanksgiving party or send the recipe home with students to try with their families over the break.  

Pumpkin Pie Math 

Pumpkin pie is a favorite among the Thanksgiving table, and this worksheet allows students to create the perfect proportion. This is a great take-home activity for students to try over the break with their families.  

Turkey Robotic Hand 

Take the classic turkey traced from a hand and incorporate STEM by adding a robotics component. Use our step-by-step guide to make moveable feathers with just twine, tape, and straws. Make sure you decorate your turkey to bring him to life! 

Turkey Bristlebot 

Bristlebots allow for endless creativity on their own but utilizing them for holiday activities makes them even more fun. Here, our Brand Manager Rachel, created a turkey using Bristlebots, pipe cleaners, and post-it notes. You can also get a head start on the holiday season with a reindeer variant or your own festive creation!

If you need Bristlebots in your collection, you can find them here!