At STEM Supplies, we love creating unique STEM products that combine active movement with STEM concepts – also known as kinesthetic STEM! With research showing that active students learn better, bringing physical activity and hands-on STEM principles together only made sense. Below are 5 kinesthetic STEM products that you and your students will love, available exclusively from STEM Supplies! 

students doing giant tetris

Mathem Active Mini Soma Puzzle 

Using logic and spatial reasoning students can take Tetris into real life. Either with the mini version or the larger version using critical thinking skills and teamwork students assemble unique shapes.  

Looking for more puzzle ideas? Challenge students with the Soma Puzzle cards and complete all 25 shapes.  

Maze Ball Run unique STEM product

MazeRun Ball Maze 

With the MazeRun Ball Maze students explore tons of concepts including gravity, friction, energy, acceleration and more. In small teams students work together to maneuver the ball into the end position.  

Tower of Hanoi unique STEM product

MathemActive Tower of Hanoi Puzzle  

Get your students collaborating to solve mathematical problems! Blending movement with learning, students move between towers to stack-these-larger than life rings.  

unique way to visualize acute, right, and obtuse angles

Protractor Floor Stickers 

The Protractor Floor Stickers take math concepts into the real world! When you place the sticker under a door, you show your students how angles are measured as well as concepts like acute, right, and obtuse angles. 

unique STEM products Shadow fractions allows you to measure a shadow's angle and length

ShadowFractions Set 

Looking for a unique way to explain the concept of shadows, how light source, length and angle changes them, and more? Encourage students to make guesses using the scientific method.   

Looking for some free resources? Check out these 7 Free STEM Resources!