STEM education and CTE programs are two complementary practices. Both STEM and CTE rely on real-world, hands-on instruction, and often through CTE, students can learn more about a career in science, technology, engineering, or math. Here are five STEM products that are great to use in your career pathways courses!

Students using SpanStructure Set1. Engineering: SpanStructure

Many CTE programs offer an engineering course. By nature, engineering is part of STEM and there are many great STEM activities that can be done to teach students more about aerospace, civil, mechanical, or other engineering branches. With SpanStructure, students navigate the Engineering Design Process by researching, designing, prototyping, and testing balsa wood bridges. This product is a great way to teach about tension, compression, forces (load), and engineering failures and successes!

Virtual Reality Set2. Media Production: STEM VR and High Tech Kit for Social Emotional Learning

Communications is a field that can be explored through several CTE courses from website design, information technology, or creative media production. The STEM VR and High Tech Kit for Social Emotional Learning builds technical skills that allow students to create their own production. This kit comes with all the items necessary to explore video production, like green screens and webcams. Additionally, there is a virtual reality (VR) component that gives students tools to create their own games. Combined with free standards-aligned lesson plans and worksheets, teachers can address STEAM and SEL using one comprehensive kit.

3. Automotive CrashCourse SetRepair: CrashCourse

Automotive courses are a classic CTE and vocational program offering. In these courses, students often gain firsthand experience working on cars from oil changes to collision repair. To further understand how collisions occur and their impacts on a vehicle, try CrashCourse. This product allows students to set up several different crash experiments. In one experiment, a cart crashes into a stationary wall while in another, two carts crash into each other. By simulating different crashes, students learn about momentum and gain a firmer understanding of the impact that a collision has on a vehicle.

Students using contagion crushers kit

4. Healthcare: Contagion Crushers

Whether your CTE programs focus on becoming a doctor, nurse, or biomedical engineer, it’s crucial for health science CTE courses to discuss infectious diseases. The Contagion Crushers Kit includes experiments and NGSS-aligned curriculum that explore bacteria and the environmental influences that cause health-related problems.

Students using hummingbird bit set5. Robotics: Hummingbird Bit Kits

Robotics can be taught in CTE when learning about engineering, manufacturing, and technology careers. One of the best open-ended robotics products is the Hummingbird Bit which allows students to engineer their own robotic creations like a robotic hand. The classroom kit comes with everything you need to build and code for any grade level.