In 2020, educators faced a lot of challenges providing hands-on STEM education to students. STEM concepts had to be taught virtually and STEM camps were canceled but we are all slowly adapting to our new normal. To help with that adaptation educators were presented with COVID funding.  If you are unsure of the requirements for uses on CARES & CRSSA funding, learn more here.

My STEM Supplies

Designed to bring back hands-on learning and support any teaching environment My STEM Supplies introduces individual STEM packs. The packs range in STEM topic areas and give students access to the tools and supplies they need to engage in kinesthetic, hands-on learning, no matter where learning is happening.

To help prevent learning loss in STEM topics and hands-on experience to STEM concepts, we have included individual supplies for students, easily stored in a backpack for transport from the home learning environment to the classroom.  This means that students can hold their own individual supplies to reduce cross-sharing and keep them safe. There are seven different My STEM Supplies Packs that cover five top STEM topic areas: STEMSTEAM, Makerspace (basic and deluxe), Circuits (basic and deluxe), and Math.

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Start2STEM is a program developed for STEM educators by STEM educators. This program is intended to bring hands-on learning back into STEM, with a focus on students learning through doing. There are three parts to Start2STEM: quality equipment, a comprehensive curriculum manual, and professional development training.

Each part of the program was developed to help teachers from beginning to end when implementing STEM into their curriculum. Whether you’re new to STEM or are a veteran, these kits are intended to help educators teach STEM in an engaging, hands-on way that focuses on real-world applications of STEM fields.

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STEM Universe

STEM Universe is an online professional learning network with everything from worksheets, lesson plans, videos, inspiration, and more! Create your free account to share your knowledge and resources with the STEM community or browse the latest free STEM resources and activity videos.


To accommodate the unprecedented year that was 2020 and shift with our audience we developed innovative, only from STEM Supplies PPE products ranging from signs and floor markers to teaching accessories, sneeze guards and sanitation.

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Product Checklist

Need some product recommendations for COVID funding dollars? Check out our comprehensive product checklist broken down by category.

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