Celebrate Pi Day with these fun classroom activities! If you’re curious to learn about the history of Pi Day, check out this article!

Scavenger Hunt

For this activity, students will find round objects in the classroom and measure its diameter. Then, solve the equation to find the circumference of each object.

Pi Day Scavenger Hunt classroom activities

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Parts of a Circle

For this activity, students will draw a line from the left side that connects with the correct answer on the right side!

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Easy As Pie 

For this Pi Day activity, students will use this worksheet to divide the “pies” into sections.

Pi Day activities - Easy as Pie

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Properties of a Circle

Students can use this worksheet to identify different properties of a circle. They’ll identify the difference between a diameter and a radius or a tangent and a secant. 

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Pi Puzzle

Similar to tangrams, use the individual shapes in this puzzle to create the symbol for pi.

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We hope you enjoy these Pi Day classroom activities! Share your students participating on social and don’t forget to tag us so we can see!