With how education has changed over the past year, it is very safe to assume that technology will be a lifelong tool that will be utilized daily in our classrooms. I have always been a huge fan of integrating technology into instruction. Our students love to use technology and they understand it (much better than myself most of the time). I broke down my favorite online math tools that can help integrate technology into math instruction. These tools are easy to use, creative, and engaging but most importantly of all, can be used for both virtual and face-to-face instruction. I hope you find a few tools that are useful to you and your students!

Google Forms

I am obsessed with any and all Google tools. Google is such an easy platform that is designed to be user-friendly. Because of how popular it is, almost all of our students know how to use it. If you have not created your own “choose your own adventure” using Google Forms, I highly suggest that you check it out. The first step in creating your own “choose your own adventure” is by creating a plan and path students can take. For each question, you will need to create a page on your google form. Once you have the questions and pages set up, you can use the option to guide form users to specific pages based on their selected answers. My students love doing this in all subject matters!

Google Maps

A Google tool that is often overlooked as an educational tool is Google Maps. A fun way to integrate math and Google Maps is to use Google Maps to calculate percentages. The first thing you need to do is open Google Maps and have your students pick a location to find the percentages for (The White House, The Alamo, The Eiffel Tower, etc). Have your students drop pins on four corners of the property and then use the polygon tool to draw the boundaries between the pins. Have your students collect the data by clicking on each polygon. Once the students have the data, they can have fun comparing the data!

google maps app online math tool

Google Doc

Google Docs is not often thought of as being a tool that would be utilized for math. There is an Equation Editor function tool to make it easy for students to use mathematical equations inside their Google documents. This would be a great tool for students to use to write a math story and incorporate mathematical equations! To access the Equation Editor, open up Google Docs and then click insert then equation. A text box will appear with a drop-down menu toolbar. Click on the drop-down menus and select whichever equation that you need to use! After you click on the equation, you can add numbers and then add another equation if you need to.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has numerous K-12 math activities and even has a Google Integration which allows teachers to sync Khan to their Google Classroom. They offer AP practice tests, SAT and GMAT practice tests. Everything on Khan Academy is accessible and easy to utilize in instruction.

Khan Academy online math tool


Studygeek is an online math vocabulary tool that students can use to play games. This helps students better understand the different words used.


GeoGebra is a math software that has millions of free online resources such as activities, simulations, exercises, lessons and games for math. Everything on their website is free and easy to use and download for your own lessons.

geometry students

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