Use these worksheets to introduce the concepts of ecology to your students! These activities are best for students in Kindergarten – 4th Grade.

Predator or Prey?

Help students understand some of the common features of predator vs. prey relationships with this worksheet.


Predator: An organism that consumes all or part of the body of another—living or recently killed—organism.

Prey: Animals that are killed and eaten by other animals.


Food Chain vs Food Web

Use these activity sheets to teach students about food chains and webs.


Food Chain: Describes the order in which organisms, or living things, depend on each other for food.

Food Web: Shows how plants and animals are connected in many ways to help them all survive, unlike food chains that just follow one path.


What Do I Eat?

Teach the differences between herbivores and carnivores with specific food examples with this activity.


Herbivore: An organism that feeds mostly on plants

Carnivore: An organism that eats other animals.



Food to the Source

Use this worksheet to introduce the concept of food sources to students.


Food Source: How living organisms get their energy in order to do work and stay alive.




Or, get your students up and active with the FoodFocus Set! Aspiring ecologists learn about animal diets and organize a food web during active game play.