Teach concepts of engineering and electricity with this hands-on STEM activity! Students will go through the process of building and wiring a 4 bedroom house. This activity is designed for high school students.


  • Each room’s lights should turn on/off independently
  • There are two rooms with 2 lights. One of those rooms, the two lights should turn on/off together. In the other, the two lights should turn on/off independently.
  • In the room with three lights, one should turn on/off independently, and the other two should turn on/off together.
  • Everything should run from one power source (9V battery).
  • You can use the PhET Simulation to practice.
  • You will need to draw a schematic of your house. This should be drawn in standard circuit format.
  • You should be able to describe how you wired your house using scientific language.

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