Foster a love of STEM with these fun Valentine’s Day activities!

Candy Heart Fractions

Print out this student worksheet to explore fractions this Valentine’s Day! Students will look at a selection of candy hearts to determine what fraction of all candies each type represents. These questions explore pieces of a whole, equivalent fractions, subtraction of fractions, and greater than/less than relationships. You can expand these questions to talk about percentages as well. Best for students 3rd – 6th grade.




Color Changing Flowers

Guide your students through color-changing flowers with some simple materials! Teach them vocabulary like capillary action, transpiration, adhesion, and cohesion. There are many ways to change up this experiment like through different flower choices, amount of food coloring, food coloring mixes, multiple pieces of stem in different colors, and more! Best for students kindergarten – 6th grade.



Valentine’s Day Tangrams

Print your own set of tangrams to make fun Valentine’s Day shapes! Rearrange all seven of the smaller shapes to make a large heart. Challenge students to make their own Valentine’s Day shapes like lips or Cupid’s arrow. Discuss the geometry of each shape and how they fit together. This is a great activity for in the classroom or at home. Best for students kindergarten – 6th grade.